6 Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Braces

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Braces

Aug 01, 2022

Dental braces have been around for so many decades. They have always been the go-to option for patients who wish to correct an orthodontic problem. However, orthodontics has evolved, and dental braces have other alternatives, such as clear aligners.

In any case, most people don’t know what to expect when seeking orthodontic treatment. Others are a bit skeptical about getting braces near you. However, we can put all the issues at rest since our dentist near you has compiled a few frequently asked questions with their answers to help you make an informed choice.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

1. What’s the Best Age to Get Braces?

Anyone can get dental braces. The age bracket doesn’t matter; you can reap the benefits of using braces. However, braces are not appropriate for kids with milk or primary teeth. They are recommended for patients who have permanent teeth.

However, kids and teenagers may be an advantage over adults since their jaws are still developing. This makes their age bracket the appropriate time to get braces. Their teeth will easily move to the desired positions taking advantage of their developing jaws.

On the other hand, as an adult, your jawbone has already developed. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot receive treatment. Neither does it mean that the treatment will be ineffective.

Countless people have benefited from undergoing orthodontic treatment. So, the best time to visit our dentist in Tampa to get orthodontic treatment will be anytime you are ready.

2. What Are the Types of Braces?

Dental technology isn’t what it used to be; it has evolved so much. So, you are spoiled for choice when seeking orthodontic treatment. Check out some of the types of braces:

  • Metal Braces. These are the most common type of dental braces, with good reason. They are very effective and can deal with severe orthodontic issues. They are known for their metal brackets and wires. Aesthetically they might not be the best, but modern technology has given many people the option of choosing the color they prefer.
  • Ceramic Braces. These are similar to the conventional braces in every aspect, apart from their color. They are made using clear or tooth-colored brackets rather than metallic silver or gray brackets. If you need better aesthetics, you can go for ceramic braces.
  • Lingual Braces. Another amazing option is lingual braces. These braces are designed for discretion since they are fixed to the inner side of the front teeth. Nobody will ever notice if you are wearing braces.
  • Self-ligating Braces. These are upgrades to the traditional metal braces. Traditional braces use elastic bands or metal ties to secure the archwire effectively. But, self-ligating has a system built into the bracket to secure the archwire.


3. Do Braces Hurt?

Another cause of concern for most patients is pain. Unfortunately, pain is something you cannot escape, especially during the first days of your treatment or when the wires have been adjusted.

You can also experience pain when the wires come into contact with your cheeks. But after a few weeks, you will be accustomed to the wires, and they will no longer be an issue.

The pain or discomfort you will experience is inevitable since the purpose of the braces is to move your teeth to their new position. The movement, though subtle, causes pain and discomfort. You need an adjustment period to get used to the discomfort.

4. How Long Does the Treatment Last?

No one desires to have braces for a long time. However, the length of the treatment is solely dependent on the severity of your issue. So, you might wear braces anywhere between six months and two years.

5. How Do You Know If You Need Braces?

The answer to this question depends on your teeth’s and mouth’s structure and what kind of smile you are going for. Therefore, it is almost impossible to know if you are eligible for treatment unless you have severe orthodontic issues that can be easily noticed. In any case, visit our dentist in Tampa for a checkup.

6. How Much Does It Cost?

There isn’t a direct answer to this question since the price will vary. It depends on the braces you choose and the length of your treatment.

We are here for you. So you can reach out to our dental team at Wang ad Cortes Dental, and we would love to answer any more questions you might have about braces.

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