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A Journey of a Thousand Miles


Actress Drew Barrymore, when asked what helps improve your physical appearance the most, commented, “I think being happy makes the biggest impact on your physical appearance.” Nothing reflects that happiness more than your dazzling smile.  

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with beautiful, straight, white teeth to complement their smiles. Neglect, genetics, injury, improper diet and ignorance of proper dental hygiene are just a few of the culprits that can lead to untold dental and physical health problems but there is a solution.   

Consider the case of this patient of mine. Her teeth were misshapen because some of the main ones were still stuck in her jaw bone, in a horizontal position, from birth. Other teeth were too small. The size and shape of many of her teeth seemed mismatched, making her mouth seem distorted. She didn’t like her smile; it made her feel self-conscious in social situations.   
Although she had to endure her appearance throughout her childhood, she refused to accept status quo as an adult. Visiting several dentists, she tried to decide what she wanted to do and where she felt comfortable.

There were suggestions for surgery, implants and orthodontics. Weighing her options, she made her decision. After a careful review, she chose my practice and we formulated a plan of action. Discarding both surgical and implant options, we focused, first, on the alignment of her teeth.
Within six months of adult orthodontic treatments, her smile improved dramatically. Following the orthodontic treatments, the other misshapen teeth were dealt with. Undersized teeth were removed and replaced with a porcelain bridge.

Veneers corrected the shape of several of the other teeth. The overall plan created the change she had been looking for. The results were night and day. What had been an unattractive, tentative smile became a wonderful healthy one. 

Your smile can be a wonderful thing. It welcomes and invites. I can’t say that it will happen in every instance, but I understand that shortly after her procedures were completed and her confidence in her smile renewed, my lovely patient met and married her future husband. Did her improved self-image and self-confidence contribute to the romance and nuptials? I’ll let you decide.

Change is always difficult but your mirror can be your worst critic. Is your situation similar to this patient of mine? Are you considering making a change? Give us a call and we will set time aside to discuss your options. Sometimes, when you feel that you have run out of options, the right consultation can bring everything back into focus and send you on the road to the look and smile that you were meant to have.

Remember the old saying that “you can’t tell a book by its cover?” Unfortunately, we live in an appearance conscious society where how we look can be unfairly equated to how we are perceived. Too many times, we don’t bother to open the book to learn what was under the cover. Simply stated, the choice is yours. New techniques offer corrections for previously untreatable dental problems. The solution is as close as your phone. Before you know it, your bright, shiny, smile will be the envy of all of your friends.

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