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Whether or not you’re a Tom Cruise fan, I thought it rattled convention when he stepped up and got the braces he needed to get the smile he wanted.


Not all of my patients need to be “Red Carpet Ready” all the time, but they still want the confidence that comes from a self-assured grin.


Even as grown-ups, we are not impervious to insecurities. But with affordable dental technologies, it is possible to easily right some of nature’s wrongs.


With this growing trend in adult braces I always like to ask my patients what motivated them to make the decision. (I’ve changed her name here, but if you see someone who can’t stop smiling, that would be her!)


Why did you want a new smile?

I was unhappy with the alignment of my teeth. I also realized I was smiling less and even started becoming less outgoing.


What bothered you about your smile?

It was crooked and my teeth were located at different heights.


The Next Steps

My solution was one with which I have had tremendous success. Jill only wore the braces for six months. Known as Adult Cosmetic Braces, the process itself is literally called the Six Month Smiles System! She would come in about once a month so I could make sure she was still comfortable and all was going according to plan, but Jill said the time flew and she was genuinely surprised by how quickly her teeth moved.


The Big Reveal

Not that she didn’t believe me at the first consultation, but Jill was completely thrilled, and I think a little surprised even! She has been kind enough to refer several wonderful patients to me for these same braces.


The Final Touch

After I straightened her teeth, it was more apparent that two of her front ones were a bit shorter than the rest as they were chipped and a little worn. So I did a quick fix with some simple bonding to lengthen them and make their position with the rest uniform.  


If you know anyone who wants to take back control of their appearance, be it for an upcoming event, or to celebrate a milestone birthday, or just because they deserve to feel their best, have them call (813) 253-3679 for a complimentary consult. When you smile, I smile.


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