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But I Don’t Want To!!


This familiar refrain is one our kids use for pretty much everything – some days more than others!

When it comes to getting them into good habits to care for their teeth, we can give you all the advice in the world, but you know your kids the best. You need to appeal to what motivates them. Have you tried any of these distraction techniques?


The Stuffed Animal Strategy

Let your child select a little toothbrush they can use on their favorite doll and or teddy bear to gain an understanding about how to take care of something.


The Photo Op

Snap a pic after each brushing to show them how clean their teeth can be when they scrub the cavity monsters away!


The Bubble Challenge

Brush your teeth along with your child to compete for who can create the most bubbles.


When all else fails…Try Technology!

Check out Brush DJ. This free app pulls music from your phone/tablet and plays two minutes of a song so your child brushes for the right length of time. (Also, because it was developed by dentists, it is full of reminders and great tips for a healthy mouth.)

As parents, we do whatever it takes to get through to our children. Especially if it sets a great example AND saves us money on future dental bills!

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