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Pediatric Dental Emergencies: What To Do - Part 2


Last month, I shared how to handle two common pediatric dental emergencies: what to do when a baby tooth is knocked out and what to do if a permanent tooth is knocked out. Children are constantly on the move, so it’s important to have a plan in place. But what if the dental emergency doesn’t involve the entire tooth? These next two tips can save your child’s smile.

What To Do If a Tooth Is Chipped or Broken

  1. Contact my office as soon as possible. Getting your child an urgent care appointment may allow me to save the tooth and prevent further damage.

  2. In the meantime, have your child rinse his or her mouth with cold water. Use an ice pack to prevent swelling and help numb some of the pain.

  3. Find the broken tooth fragment and bring it with you to my office.

What To Do If Your Child Is Involved In a Contact Sport

  1. Make sure your child wears a mouth guard any time he or she is playing. Even non-contact sports, such as tennis, can involve falling, so consider a mouth guard for any activity that is potentially risky.

  2. If your child is uncomfortable with the moldable guards that are available in sporting goods stores or other retailers, consider investing in one that is custom made. The mouth guards that I make for children are made for the unique needs of each child, making it more comfortable. If the mouth guard is comfortable, then your child will be more likely to wear it.

Save keeping them in a plastic bubble, there is no way to keep our children from experiencing the bumps and scrapes of childhood. What you can do, however, is be prepared for the inevitable. If you have any other questions about your child’s teeth or are concerned about their involvement in sports or other activities, contact my office today to schedule an appointment. I want to make sure their teeth last into adulthood and beyond.


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