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The Trouble with Thumb Sucking

Snuggled in a favorite blankie, sucking their thumb – adorable. But this classic childhood behavior is not as innocent as it appears. What you don’t know can harm your child.

What are the Top Five Thumb Sucking Consequences?

1. Will affect speech – leaving a dent in verbal skills and social confidence
2. Causes malocclusion – a misalignment that can lead to a mouthful of metal
3. Contributes to open bite – both upper and lower jaws are forced outwards
4. Ear infections
5. Tonsillitis

What Are the Costs to Fix These Consequences?

1. A lot. A professional who will arrange payment plans? Need we say more?
2. That hurt doesn’t just hit your wallet. It instills a lifelong fear in your child, associating dentistry with pain.
3. Time. Not the place you want to spend precious Saturdays – dragging your kid to get those braces tightened. Makes you beg for an afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese’s.
4. Speech therapy? There’s another expense that will take a chunk out of the college fund!
5. Then there’s the stigma of braces and lisping…you get the picture; it’s not a pretty one. Make It Stop!

Get ahead of the curve. Come in for a consultation with Dr. Cortes. We’ll customize an approach:

* We start by creating an awareness – using an aversion therapy like bitter nail polish
* Then we can discuss a fit for an appliance; either for the mouth or a brace for their hand
* All of the above

You know what doesn’t suck? Money in the bank. Call us at (813) 253-3679 and learn how to save a fortune on avoidable orthodontic bills!

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