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What is Dr. Wang is up to now

As you may have seen on Facebook, I was recently accepted for membership to the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. While I am proud of the accomplishment and worked hard to meet the requirements, what is most important is how this prestigious membership shows my patients (you) how important it is to me to provide them with excellent care.

Candidates for fellowship of the ICOI must demonstrate that they have extensive experience with successful implant surgeries. The following are examples of typical requirements.

Minimum Requirements My Experience

- Completion of over 20 implant cases, all of which must be over 12-months old

- Completion of over 75 hours of implant education within the last five years  
- Completion of hundreds of implant surgeries over the past ten years

- Completion of over 250 hours of implant education within the last five years

As a Fellow of the ICOI, I am required to continue challenging myself with additional surgeries and education. Doing so will allow me to stay on top of research, technological improvements, and best practices in the field. All of this is so I can give you assurance that you are in the most capable hands possible when it comes to your dental implant surgery.

Whether you see me for annual exams or dental implants, your trust in me and belief in my practice is paramount. Continuing education and association with organizations such as the ICOI are just two of the ways I strive to stay at the top of my field and be the dentist you need.

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