How Can Clear Aligners Improve Your Smile?

How Can Clear Aligners Improve Your Smile?

Jan 01, 2022

Not everyone is born with flawless teeth, and many people are concerned by underbites, overbites, gapped teeth, malocclusion, and crooked teeth, even through adulthood. If you face a similar situation, you may wonder whether you should get your teeth straightened using traditional orthodontic treatments with metal brackets and wires in your mouth, facing embarrassment for three years or more when undergoing the treatment. However, if you visit Wang and Cortes Dental, you benefit significantly because the dental office provides clear aligners to straighten your teeth discreetly.

Clear aligners in Tampa have allowed many adults in this region to benefit from having straighter teeth and getting rid of the dental problems affecting them, needing frequent treatments from dentists to manage tooth decay and gum disease. You, too, can take advantage of the treatment provided by the above facility with clear aligners helping you achieve a beautiful smile while providing you the freedom you need from dental infections. Would you like to know more about clear aligners in Tampa? Would you mind continuing reading for all the information you need on this treatment?

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are a revolutionary alternative to traditional braces for teeth straightening. The aligners are virtually invisible, remaining indistinguishable in your mouth as you proceed with the treatment delivered by the dental clinic in Tampa. In addition, clear aligners are devoid of brackets, bands, and wires and are not attached to your teeth. Instead, the aligners fit snugly over your teeth, causing no discomfort while strengthening your teeth gradually in approximately 12 to 18 months.

The dentist at the dental clinic is an Invisible Aligners dentist, a certified provider of this revolutionary treatment to straighten teeth without metal braces and wires. Clear aligners are an excellent alternative for people who are reluctant to have a mouthful of metal for three years or more to straighten their teeth.

What Helps Make Clear Aligners?

Dental-grade translucent plastic helps make clear aligners effective for straightening teeth faster than traditional braces. If you are apprehensive about whether plastic aligners can deliver the results they promise, let us surprise you even further by providing some benefits of clear aligners and explaining how these appliances are advantageous for your situation. Before we proceed any further, let us warn you of the stipulations clear aligners impose upon you to provide the benefits they promise and deliver the results effectively.

How Can You Proceed with Your Treatment with Clear Aligners?

First, you must schedule an appointment with the aforementioned dental facility for the dentist to assess your teeth and determine whether you are suitable for the clear aligners treatment. When you visit the facility, the dentist evaluates your teeth, allowing you to ask any questions you have. The assessment is to determine whether your situation is complicated or mild to moderate.

Complicated situations need treatment with metal braces and wires. However, if your case is in the mild-to-moderate category, the dentist captures digital images with an iTero scanner taking 3D pictures of your teeth, allowing you to visualize how your smile appears after the treatment.

A couple of weeks after the assessment, you collect your first set of clear aligners from the dentist, which you begin wearing over your teeth right away. After that, you must change the aligners every three weeks to continue your treatment until you achieve the desired results.

Clear aligners from the Tampa dentist do not restrict you from having the foods you love and the beverages you consume. The clear aligners have a removable feature allowing you to remove the aligners from your teeth when eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing your teeth. It indicates dental infections won’t saddle you at the end of the treatment familiar with traditional braces.

Now comes the challenging part. Invisible Aligners clear aligners must remain on your teeth for 20 to 22 hours every day without exceptions. You undoubtedly are allowed to remove the aligners for the reasons mentioned above and even for special occasions if necessary. However, you must remain within the time limit specified if you wish to have straighter teeth and a beautiful smile within 12 to 18 months. Compromising with the timeline delays your treatment to require additional aligners imposing extra costs for the treatment.

You must visit the Tampa dentist every six to eight weeks to assess your progress and to collect your fresh batch of aligners. So long as you adhere to the dentist’s guidelines and wear the aligners over your teeth diligently, expect to witness a dramatic improvement in your smile and the appearance of your teeth.

We believe the explanation provided is sufficiently convincing to encourage you to visit the dental facility to have your teeth straightened and your smile enhanced with clear aligners.

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