Much of our new patient paperwork can be done from the comfort and convenience of your home.  By saving 10-15 mins at your first appointment we can spend more time getting to know you and addressing your concerns.  Our goal is to make your visit as efficient and friendly as possible.  To begin please click on the appropriate link below to join our dental family.

What can you and your family expect at your initial appointment with us?

By completing your new patient forms prior to your appointment, we can turn our attention to you and help you become comfortable in our office. We look forward first and foremost to introducing ourselves to you and your family members. After that, we will take the necessary records, be it x-rays, or photos so that our doctors can perform as comprehensive of a diagnosis as possible.

As you get to meet our doctors and clinical team, you will find that we prefer first to hear how we can help you so that we can tailor the care to your specific needs and desires. In certain situations, this may necessitate a longer appointment time or a second follow-up visit. We recognize that not all patients’ needs are the same and so we’ll do our best to accommodate your time and our schedule.

For our pediatric and adolescent patients, our team will be engaging in a fun method of telling, showing, and then doing to educate your child about dental health in an age-appropriate manner. During this time, we will also be getting to know you, the parent, or caregiver, as to how best we can deliver care to your loved one(s). Again, we recognize that not all of our younger patients’ needs will be the same, so while we try and accomplish as much as we can on your child’s first visit, there is nothing more important than having a great visit!

Should you have any additional questions about how to join our dental family or what you can expect on your first visit, please don’t hesitate to write us an email or give us a call. We look forward to caring for you and seeing your smile!

Our goal is to provide comprehensive dental care in Tampa, and we are accepting patients across the neighborhood including: