Dental Technology

Dental Technology in Tampa, FL

Over the centuries since the invention of dentistry in 7,000 BC, this type of medicine has changed tremendously. From the discovery of the causes of tooth decay to the advent of the modern toothbrush in 1938, changes were gradual as civilization progressed.

However, since computers and digital technology have developed over the past 40 years, medical technology has advanced dentistry by leaps and bounds. When we decided to move our offices to a newer building, we also decided to update our equipment with some of the latest technological innovations to better serve patients like you.

What We Changed or Added

Many aspects of dentistry have improved with today’s advanced dental technology. From examining to taking impressions of teeth for replacements, dental technology allows dentists to treat dental problems faster, more precisely, and with less discomfort than in the past. Here is some of the equipment we’ve added or changed in our office.

Digital Scanner

One of the pieces of equipment that Wang & Cortes dentists use the most is our digital impression scanning equipment. This machine allows our dentists to perform many tasks like:

  • Take digital images of teeth
  • Produce virtual three-dimensional models of mouths
  • Measure teeth for replacement teeth, clear braces, or mouthguards

This equipment, also known as an intraoral scanner, consists of a computer with an attached wand that goes into the mouth to scan images. The images are read by sensors and use the machine’s software to produce 3-D models for dentists and their patients.

Dental Cone Beam CT

If our dentists near you need a better look at your teeth, roots, or nerves, they will use a 3-D Cone Beam machine to get better x-rays. While it’s a computer tomography (CT) machine, special preparation isn’t necessary to take x-rays. Like the scanner, this equipment also produces 3-D images so our dentists can get a better look at your teeth or mouth.

3-D Printer

Three-dimensional printers are becoming more common in many industries, including dentistry. Our dentists can use them to produce 3-D models of teeth to show patients or produce and cure dental appliances like aligners, bridges, or dentures without waiting weeks for them to arrive.

If you need work on your teeth, our dentists in Tampa, FL, have the digital technology to produce results faster than before.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive dental care in Tampa, and we are accepting patients across the neighborhood including: