Root Canal Treatment

Root Canals in Tampa, FL

There are many names for the core of the tooth. It can be referred to as the root canal or the pulp. When you’re told by a dentist near you that you need root canals in Tampa, FL, this means that there’s an infection in the pulp that needs to be treated. The core of the tooth is the part that contains the blood vessels and nerves.

At Wang + Cortes Dental in Tampa, FL, we regularly perform root canals near you and with great outcomes. The key is to find a dentist in Tampa, FL, with enough experience. Rest assured that we’ll do everything we can to take care of your dental health while keeping you comfortable.

Causes and Symptoms of Root Canal Infections

Root canal infections aren’t as common as dental cavities, but we still see them frequently. Many causes and factors can lead to root canal infections. Large cavities that aren’t treated can be complicated by root canal problems. Additionally, trauma and other conditions affecting the tooth can affect the pulp.

Root canal issues can manifest in different ways. Most patients experience increased sensitivity to hot and cold that persists after the food or drink is gone. Many patients also complain of intense pain while chewing. Uncommon manifestations include noticing a hole in your teeth or having tender and swollen gums. If you notice any of these symptoms or signs, you should visit us at Wang + Cortes Dental.

Root Canals

Root canal treatments or endodontics are performed when a patient is diagnosed with a root canal issue. These procedures aim to treat the underlying infection while ensuring the tooth remains functional and intact. We’ll create a hole in the tooth to reach the pulp to clean it. We have to make sure that all infected tissues are removed. We might need to irrigate the pulp. After we’re done cleaning, we’ll place a filling.

The hole is then closed, and you can go home. All of this is done under the effect of local anesthesia, so you’ll remain comfortable during the procedure. Root canals can require multiple visits, depending on the condition of the tooth.

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