Silver Diamine Fluoride in Tampa, FL

Getting a cavity filled can be a very stressful procedure for little kids, but did you know there was a liquid that could be just painted on your teeth to stop decay?

Many people are not familiar with silver diamine fluoride (SDF) as a treatment option for cavities. It is a relatively new material and only recently available for use in the US. It is a simple and affordable alternative to fillings.

SDF is a liquid that contains silver and fluoride particles. When applied onto the cavity, it kills the bacteria and stops the decay from getting bigger.

We are one of the few dental practices that offer silver diamine fluoride near you.

Benefits of Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

One of the major benefits of silver diamine fluoride is that it is a non-invasive, inexpensive, and painless procedure. It takes only a few minutes to apply. Silver diamine fluoride is recommended for toddlers or anxious kids with dental decay. It provides a great alternative, and no drilling is required.

The silver and the fluoride components in the liquid are also highly effective in stopping the progression of dental decay.

SDF does have some drawbacks, such as it leaves a black stain on the teeth. You should contact a dentist that provides silver diamine treatment to determine if it’s suitable for your child.

However, the benefits of SDF greatly outweigh its drawbacks. So, if you are looking for silver diamine fluoride in Tampa, FL, contact us today! Our pediatric dentist in Tampa, FL, will be able to answer any questions you have.

How Is It Applied?

Silver diamine fluoride application is very simple and painless. Our pediatric dentist will first determine if SDF is suitable for your child. If your child is very little or anxious, SDF near you might be the right choice for them.

The dentist will first dry the affected tooth with a cotton roll. SDF liquid is then painted over the cavity. That’s it!

If you would like to know more about SDF in Tampa, FL, book a consultation with us today!

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