Things to Remember After Invisible Aligners Treatment and How to Take Care of It?

Things to Remember After Invisible Aligners Treatment and How to Take Care of It?

Jun 01, 2022

Invisible Braces are used to treat teeth misalignment issues. They are a better option than traditional braces, which are visible compared to the clear Invisible Aligners, which are comfortable to wear.

There are tips to follow that the Invisible Aligners dentist near you will recommend ensuring that your teeth remain aligned after Invisible Aligners treatment. Let’s look at these tips and how to take care of Invisible Braces to ensure they last for a long time and perform the task they were supposed to perform effectively.

Tips to follow After Invisible Aligners Treatment

The first tip to follow after Invisible Aligners treatment is wearing your retainer. This is very important to remember as the retainer helps to keep your teeth in position. Your teeth shift naturally after some time, and the retainers are used to reduce this shifting process and keep your teeth in place.

It is vital to note that every patient’s issue is unique, and therefore the amount of time you have to wear the retainer will depend on the severity of your issue. It is recommended to check in with your dentist in Tampa so that they can determine how long you will wear the retainers.

Another important tip to follow is performing good oral hygiene. This will ensure that your teeth remain aligned. You might be wondering how good oral hygiene keeps your teeth straight. The importance of practicing good oral hygiene is that when you brush and floss your teeth daily, you keep bacteria at bay, strengthening your teeth and gums. Healthy gums offer enough support for your teeth, and this means they will not shift faster than they would if the gums were damaged by bacteria brought about poor oral hygiene.

Visiting your dentist is also important in keeping your teeth aligned. Get in touch with the dentist at Wang and Cortes Dental so that they can check if your teeth and gums are healthy. Regular checkups are important as underlying conditions like gum disease, and wisdom tooth eruption can reverse Invisible Braces’ work. The dentist will be able to treat these underlying conditions to ensure your teeth remain aligned.

After visiting your orthodontist, they may recommend that you change your aligners after a certain period. You should not ignore this recommendation. When you delay changing the aligners might harm the progress of straightening your teeth.

Invisalign treatment works best when the clear aligners fit well in your teeth. One way of ensuring that your aligners fit well is by going to the dentist who installs Invisible Aligners near you so that they can check how well the aligners fit in your teeth. Another way of checking how well the aligners fit is by using chewies. These are small plastic cushions that help seal any space left in the aligners so that they fit comfortably in your teeth.

It is imperative to use the chewies to shorten the treatment time and ensure your aligners are well-fitting.

How to Care for your Invisible Aligners

One of the most ways of caring for your Invisible Aligners is by cleaning them regularly. You should get into the routine of cleaning the aligners in the morning and evening, just like you clean your teeth. Cleaning the aligners regularly removes bacteria that can affect your dental health and damage your gums and teeth.

Avoiding abrasive materials when cleaning your aligners will go a long way in ensuring that your aligners serve you until your misalignment issue has been resolved. In addition, you should steer away from using soap, mouth wash, or denture cleaner as they can leave marks on your aligners.

Invisalign braces are removable, and therefore every time you remove them, you should ensure that you rinse them before you can put them back. Unfortunately, not rinsing your aligners creates a conducive environment for bacteria to thrive.

Soaking your aligners is also an important tip to follow daily. Soaking is important as it keeps your braces free from any smell, clean, and they will maintain their clear outlook—just deep your aligners in a cup of lukewarm water. Soak them in the water for about fifteen minutes. After doing so, brush your tray with a toothbrush, then you can wear the aligners again.

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