What Are the Dangers of DIY Teeth Whitening?

What Are the Dangers of DIY Teeth Whitening?

May 01, 2023

If you desire a whiter smile, you will likely look for conservative and affordable methods to whiten your teeth, trying to avoid dental visits. Although dentists provide the safest and most effective teeth whitening treatments, you consider looking at DIY teeth whitening, which you think is similar to the therapy offered by dentists.

Tooth discoloration generally results from foods and beverages and certain lifestyle habits like smoking, which you think are comfortable to remove from the comfort of your home without seeing the dentist near me to brighten your teeth. While your concerns are justified because you may fear dental visits or think the prices dentists charge is too high. However, are you also aware of the dangers behind DIY teeth whitening? If you aren’t, it helps to read this article providing clarifications.

Which DIY Teeth Whitening Method Will You Use?

When whitening your teeth using DIY methods is concerned, you will likely receive dozens of suggestions from family and friends. While some techniques help remove minor surface stains after usage, others may offer faster remedies to encourage you to consider using them.

For example, you may receive recommendations to brush your teeth using baking soda or baking soda toothpaste. While baking soda is renowned for removing stains on clothing and carpets, using it on your teeth can cause enamel erosion making your teeth more vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities. After baking soda causes enamel erosion, your teeth are damaged forever because the enamel does not regenerate.

When looking for teeth whitening remedies to use at home from drugstores or supermarkets, you will notice many brands claiming they can whiten your teeth in a few days and do so at affordable prices. While over-the-counter products are inexpensive and easy to use, they are not reputed to deliver the promised results. Store-bought whitening remedies like gels, strips, and pens make whitening between the curved areas of your teeth challenging. Therefore the flatter surfaces of your teeth will appear brighter, while the spaces between them will give a contrasting color. The issue is more concerning for people with crooked and overlapping teeth.

Natural Remedies to Whiten Teeth

When you discuss brightening your teeth with family members, you will likely receive suggestions to use lemon peels and citric acid on your teeth to whiten them. You may think natural products like baking soda will not harm your tooth structure. Unfortunately, citric acid harms your teeth by eroding tooth enamel and brightens teeth gradually, leaving you disappointed with the results. Therefore, before you consider any DIY technique to brighten teeth at home, you must assess their dangers because they can leave you with permanent dental damage.

Why Consider Whitening Teeth from a Dentist?

Many home teeth whitening remedies besides OTC brands merely help eliminate surface stains by one or two shades and require persistent application on your teeth for extended periods. In addition, home whitening remedies also leave you with weaker enamel making you susceptible to infections like tooth decay, best managed by dentists.

When you consider whitening your teeth, you must decide on a treatment that will give you a beautiful smile and is performed by a professional with thorough knowledge of your dental anatomy. Dentists are experts in treating teeth, making them worth considering for whitening teeth.

Visiting the Tampa dental clinic for whitening teeth should not concern you. The dentist completes the treatment in just over an hour, removing extrinsic and intrinsic stains on your teeth that are challenging to remove by brushing and flossing.

When you visit the dentist in 33611 requesting treatment to whiten your teeth, the dentist examines and cleans them to assess whether the discoloration is due to plaque and tartar deposits constantly forming on your teeth to leave them appearing darker. If your teeth are discolored by plaque and tartar formation, the dentist advises you don’t need the whitening treatment because the polishing by the dentist brightens your smile.

If your teeth are severely discolored and unaffected by infections, dentists provide in-office teeth whitening by bleaching your teeth with hydrogen peroxide without needing medications to numb your mouth or drilling. Teeth whitening is a straightforward treatment when the dentist applies the whitening ingredient to your teeth four times during an hour after every 15 minutes. They request you to rinse the existing application over your teeth or a new one for the hour. Heat and light accompany the whitening treatment to activate the hydrogen peroxide and accelerate the whitening. At the end of one hour, the dentist requests you rinse your mouth to receive a fluoride treatment to prevent sensitivity from the ingredients and help in your battle against cavities for several months.

The dentist-provided in-office teeth whitening treatments brighten your teeth by 3 to 8 shades by removing extrinsic and intrinsic stains to make your smile appear brighter. If required, you can request home teeth whitening remedies from the dental clinic, which you receive in about a week after they customize trays to fit your teeth by taking impressions and delivering them with whitening gel.

After brightening your teeth from dentists, efforts are necessary to prevent their discoloration by avoiding staining foods and beverages, smoking, and maintaining excellent dental hygiene. Unfortunately, whitening treatments do not deliver permanent results because your teeth start discoloring soon after getting them brightened. Therefore caring for your teeth as advised by the dentist is necessary to ensure the results of teeth whitening treatments last longest.

If your teeth are discolored, you make a better choice by avoiding DIY whitening remedies. Instead, you find it beneficial to visit Wang & Cortes Dental, providing safe and effective teeth whitening in one ninety-minute appointment. Arrange a consultation with them today to examine your teeth and receive their whitening treatment immediately.

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