What Is the Most Common Dental Emergency?

What Is the Most Common Dental Emergency?

Mar 01, 2021

Dental emergencies are stressful and present a potentially dangerous problem for your oral health. When you let dental issues linger for longer than necessary, they permanently damage your teeth. Whenever you have a severe dental issue bothering you getting treatment from an emergency dental clinic must be high on your mind instead of worrying about the expenses.


Not all dental issues qualify as emergencies. If you are experiencing pain in the oral cavity, you must see your dentist to identify the problem and get the care you need. However, some issues like a severe toothache can’t wait until your regular dentist can see you. You must aim to alleviate the pain and get the problem identified from urgent dental care if the toothache strikes you in the evening or on holidays. Emergency dental care can mean the difference between saving a tooth or losing one.


Are you aware of what qualifies as an emergency or what can wait until you can see your dentist? This article provides a list of situations that need help from an emergency dentist without waiting for your regular dental health provider. Please continue reading to know more about the most common dental emergencies.


Most Common Dental Emergencies




If you are experiencing pain in a particular tooth, it is an excellent reason to seek help from a dentist providing emergency services in the evening or on holidays. You can try using dental floss to remove any trapped food particles between your teeth and rinse your mouth with warm saltwater. If you notice any swelling, use an ice pack for relief. Over-the-counter painkillers may provide relief, but the better option is to see a dental professional identify the problem and get relief.


Toothaches are often a result of untreated infections aggravating into a severe issue. You may have a cavity that has expanded to reach the pulp of the tooth, causing infection and inflammation within. Getting treatment for the condition immediately by undergoing root canal therapy is the optimal method for dealing with this condition. Leave the tooth untreated or delay the treatment, and you risk losing the tooth to have a wide gap in your mouth.


Dental Abscesses


Dental abscesses are again a result of infection or inflammation within your tooth, causing bumps and pimples on your gums. A dental abscess is a life-threatening condition because the bacteria from the infection can spread to your bloodstream to cause various health problems related to your heart, respiratory system, body, and other issues. Dental abscesses also require root canal treatment at the earliest to remove the infection from within your tooth. The therapy sounds fearful but is the best way to overcome the condition if you want to preserve your tooth and overall health.


Broken Teeth


You can break your teeth when involved in contact sports or by an impact in your mouth. In such cases, you must seek urgent dental care as soon as possible, especially if you are experiencing bleeding from the gums.


Having a knocked-out tooth from an accident or sporting activity is also an emergency that requires treatment from a qualified dentist immediately. You must pick up the tooth holding it by the Crown, and rinsing it with water without scrubbing the roots. Try to place the tooth in its socket if possible, but if you cannot, use a small container of milk to put it and head to the nearest emergency dental clinic to reach there within 30 minutes. Time is of the essence if you have a knocked-out tooth. Dentists can reinsert the tooth back into its socket if you get them within the timeline specified.


Besides the above many people experience chipped teeth or lose crowns and fillings. They try to reach emergency dentists, thinking the issue affecting them needs prompt treatment. However, crowns and fillings or even chipped teeth can wait for a day or two until they can schedule an appointment with their regular dentist for treatment.


Besides injuries, you can take care to avoid some dental issues. When you exercise proper dental hygiene to keep your teeth and mouth healthy and free from infections, you are moving in the right direction. Combine your oral hygiene regimen with vitamins that can help your mouth and immune system to ward off unwanted infections. Include six-monthly visits to your dentist for cleanings and exams, and you gain a semblance of control over any dental issue whenever it occurs.

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